For when you can’t see the Light

Melancholy. A feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause.

We’ve felt it. We’ve felt it deep into the very crux of our existence. We’ve felt it linger in the background on happy days. We’ve been hurt by it. Over and over.

In the recent past, I’ve started believing that maybe our Melancholy ought to be treated as a lifebuoy. While not the most ideal of devices to keep you afloat, it certainly does its job well enough.

Melancholy forces you to think. Perhaps overtly so, about the many intricacies of our existence. It makes you wonder how and why you got where you currently are and makes you want better things for yourself. Yes, it sometimes threatens to numb you with a stimulus-less existence too – nothing feels intense enough anymore. But eventually, you’ll grow.

Even as I write this, I doubt my snippet of a prediction in saying that we’ll evolve into better versions of ourselves. But one thing I am sure about is that when we come back up, we’ll breathe in the air of fresh, new experiences a lot more deeply.

Today, I hope we all learn to make our Melancholy an amicable bed-fellow. Today I hope we find the strength to get to tomorrow. May today be average.

May today be average, for tomorrow we slay!


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